Statement of the Presidential Spokesperson Berna Çelik Doğruyol


President Ersin Tatar yesterday afternoon received at his offices the European Commission Director-General for Structural Reform Support, Mario Nava, and the accompanying delegation.

Accompanying the President at the meeting was Special Representative M. Ergün Olgun, Confidence Building Measures and Bilateral Technical Committees Coordinator Güneş Onar, Legal Advisor Sülen Karabacak, Certified Translator Özlem İnce and myself.


During the meeting, President Tatar reminded the visiting officials of the undertaking of the Council of the European Union conclusion dated April 26, 2004, which was made following the Annan Plan for the ending of the unjust and baseless isolation and restrictions on the Turkish Cypriots, and asked for this undertaking to be met.

The President also stated that a solution, stability, and cooperation in Cyprus is possible by respecting the inherent rights and absolute equality of both sides.  President Tatar said that the EU has for many years overlooked the legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriot side and has been adopting a political stance which has been causing a significant obstacle to a settlement.

The President has called on the EU to review its policies on Cyprus for peace, stability, and cooperation to be reached and for our rights to be respected.

President Tatar expressed his wish for a new vision to be developed and for Turkish Cypriot rights to be respected based on equality in our relations with the EU.


Mario Nava has stated that they will support a settlement that is to be mutually accepted by both sides.