Presidential Press and Public Relations Office statement:"It is not possible to remain silent against the insulting, defamatory and unfounded attacks being carried out by hiding behind the freedom of thought and press" 

Defamatory, ugly and unfounded allegations are continuing to be made against President Ersin Tatar by certain radio and television channels in a systematic and organised manner, which have been continuing over a long period of time.
It is not possible to remain silent against such ugly and unethical attacks that are being carried out by hiding behind the freedom of thought and the press.  These ugly attacks have nothing to do with the freedom of the press or political criticism.
Freedom of the press does not permit being able to act in a defamatory manner, to being able to direct unfounded claims and spread lies. It is the most natural right for President Ersin Tatar as well as every citizen to file a complaint against those who attempt it and to initiate the necessary legal proceedings.
Similar attempts can be seen today as in the past. It is also known that in the past, in particular the 4th President, Mustafa Akıncı,  lodged complaints and filed suits with the General Directorate of Police regarding certain publications.
President Ersin Tatar met with the Head of Broadcasting High Authority of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Fevzi Hansel, on 22 March  2022 regarding the publications against him and conveyed his complaints.  The President only made a complaint to Mr. Hansel.  The right to complain is also included in the relevant laws.
Those who file a complaint and the media organs against whom charges are filed are required to prove their slanderous publications before the court or they should apologise. The decision will be made by the judiciary.