President Tatar written statement on September 1, World Peace Day: “My wish is for the end of all wars and for sustainable peace”

President Ersin Tatar has called for an end to all wars and acts of terrorism in his written statement commemorating September 1, World Peace Day.

The written statement is as follows:

“It is regrettable that wars, acts of terrorism and tensions continue to prevail in many different countries on this September 1 World Peace Day – as has been the case for many years before.

While wars cause great suffering, destruction, migration and are catastrophic, my wish is for wars to end, for peace and prosperity to prevail all over the world, for the peoples of the world to live in peace and security.

“In order to achieve this, all countries have great responsibilities. However, some countries that are unaware of or ignore this obligation, while escalating the tension in their own interests, are calling for war.

One of the most concrete examples of this is the Greek Cypriot Administration, which unfortunately continues to see itself as the sole owner of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot people as a minority, and continues its armament activities and joint military exercises with some countries.

It is regrettable that the Greek Cypriot side is continuing its uncompromising stance on Cyprus despite all our calls for reconciliation, and escalating the tension. This attitude of the Greek Cypriot Administration is the biggest threat to peace.

Whilst observing all the activities and provocations of the Greek Cypriot Administration that is escalating the tension in Cyprus and the region, our whole effort is to reach a fair and lasting settlement that is based on the realities of Cyprus. Our efforts for this outcome shall continue.

While calling for reconciliation to the Greek Cypriot Administration once again on September 1, World Peace Day, I commemorate World Peace Day for all humanity with my sincere feelings. It should not be forgotten that peace is the common value and desire of all humanity.”