President Tatar: “We must maintain our unity and solidarity”

During a meeting with his supporters, President Ersin Tatar evaluated the developments and the process after his election as the President.

In his speech, President Tatar drew attention to the importance of maintaining unity and solidarity.

“Following our success in the elections, openings we have made, Turkish President’s visit with his powerful delegation and his message to the world, Varosha opening, the closeness of Turkish people living in the world’s various places such as Turkey and Azerbaijan. All these mentioned are our victory,” noted the President.

Pointing to the importance of sustaining this, President Tatar mentioned that foreign missions’ visits are continuing. “The support of Turkey with 85 million population is our biggest chance. Turkey is the one who supports and carries the most of the burden regarding the Cyprus issue. We need to be in unity and be strong,” said the President.