President Tatar visits Kyrgyz-Türkiye Friendship State Hospital and Maarif Educational Complex in Bishkek


President Ersin Tatar has paid a visit to the Kyrgyz-Türkiye Friendship State Hospital and Maarif Educational Complex in Bishkek on Tuesday, as part of his official visit to Kyrgyzstan.

The hospital was constructed by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) upon the instructions of President of the Republic of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2013, and operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Türkiye. The hospital, which has an indoor area of 12,000 m2, started to admit patients in 2021 with a capacity for 72 beds.

President Tatar, who was welcomed to the hospital by Chief Physician Dr. İlker Akar and other officials, was taken on a tour of the hospital where he was briefed about the high-tech medical facilities and equipment as well as the healthcare provided. He met some of the officials and staff at the hospital where 30 Turkish healthcare professionals work.   Dr. Akar also explained that the hospital provides “specialist healthcare” -- particularly in the field of cardiac surgery.

President Tatar stated that he was impressed with the facilities and high-tech equipment at the hospital, and said the hospital, which has a Turkish chief physician, an assistant chief physician who is a Kyrgyz citizen, and experts from both countries working together, is also an exemplary show of cooperation between Türkiye and Kyrgyzstan.  

Dr. Akar stated that the hospital has also started to provide kidney transplant procedures in accordance with the instructions by President Sadyr Japarov. He explained that the facility is also serving patients from the entire region.    Dr. Akar pointed out that he had also previously served in a military hospital in the TRNC for a period of two years and was fully aware of the culture and traditions of the Turkish Cypriot People.


President Tatar: “We have full confidence and trust our Turkish doctors”
President Tatar paid tribute to the Turkish doctors and healthcare workers and said: “I am happy to see the professionalism, high-tech equipment and level of healthcare service provided by the Kyrgyz-Türkiye Friendship State Hospital and the opportunities it provides to the region.”  The President underlined that “Motherland Türkiye has made serious strides in the field of medicine, which has been reflected in the TRNC as well”.

Stating that the importance Türkiye attaches to the healthcare sector can be seen from the studies and investments made in the last 20 years,  President Tatar pointed to the pandemic period, saying: “The pandemic was at the time managed very well under the circumstances in Türkiye and in the TRNC.  Turkish doctors and healthcare workers sacrificed so much at the time and saved lives. Motherland Türkiye fully supported the TRNC at a very critical period during the pandemic, and constructed a ‘Pandemic Hospital’ for our people in Lefkoşa and supplied to our country the much needed vaccines.”

“We have always adopted an understanding of how to improve services in the healthcare sector,” President Tatar added. “There is ongoing work to construct new hospitals in Girne and Güzelyurt, as well as to relocate a military hospital, and to lay the foundations soon of the 500-bed capacity hospital in Lefkoşa.” The President said: “We place absolute confidence and fully trust Turkish doctors. I commend your staff here at the Kyrgyz-Türkiye Friendship State Hospital.”


Visit to Maarif Educational Complex
President Tatar also paid a visit to the Maarif Educational Complex in Bishkek, where he met with officials and spoke with the students there.
The President was briefed about the educational complex by Turkish Maarif Foundation Representative to Kyrgyzstan Hüsnü Bircan,  who explained that the college forms part of the Turkish Maarif Foundation, and enjoys a campus spanning an area of a total of 15,000 m2, out of which 11,000 m2 is an indoor area.   Mr. Bircan stated that the Maarif College provides education to students in the Kyrgyz, Russian, Turkish and English languages.

Mr. Bircan explained that they provide education to students starting from the age of six through to their last year at high school. He said they also offer students the option of receiving education in two different curricula, national or international.

Addressing the students, President Tatar spoke about the TRNC, a brother country to the People of Kyrgyzstan that shares the same history and culture as a Turkish state in the eastern Mediterranean.

“I convey to you the warm greetings from Turkish Cypriot students,” President Tatar said.

President Tatar was accompanied by Erhan Arıklı, Minister of Public Works and Transportation,  Ahmet Sadık Doğan, Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to Bishkek,  İsmet Korukoğlu, TRNC Ambassador to Ankara, TRNC Representative to Bishkek Mehmet Davulcu and the delegation from the Presidency