President Tatar speaks to Azerbaijan TV 5 News

President Ersin Tatar congratulated Azerbaijan for the victory in Karabakh, and wished further development of the TRNC-Azerbaijan ties.

In response to a question about the stance of international institutions and organizations towards the slaughter of civilians in Azerbaijan, President Tatar criticised the silence of the said institutions and organizations in this regard. The President emphasised that unfair acts on the basis of religious unity and common interest towards Turkish states by foreign states will not be allowed. "We will continue to carry forward our righteous cases,” he added. 
President Tatar, who mentioned the Varosha opening, expressed his pleasure over Turkey’s strong support to the matter. Underlining the importance of creating a joint force of powerful Turkey, Azerbaijan which has the great potential, and the TRNC which is an important state in the Eastern Mediterranean, President Tatar said the following:
 “We are on the right track. These days are more important than the past because it is a fact that there is oil, gas and hydrocarbon wealth in Cyprus now…I believe that we will achieve great success together… It is important that we can act together with the understanding of “One nation, three states” 
President Tatar ended his interview by conveying his love and respect to Azerbaijan.