President Tatar holds online meeting with European Commission Director General, Mario Nava

President Ersin Tatar held an online meeting with Mario Nava, the European Commission's Director-General of the DG for Structural Reform Support
President Ersin Tatar held an online meeting with Mario Nava, the European Commission's Director-General for Structural Reform Support on Friday. 
Issues discussed during the one-hour long meeting included the co-operation dialogue proposal made by President Tatar which he put forward to the UN Secretary-General, how Turkish Cypriot producers can be helped in the hellim (halloumi) process, the steps that can be taken to increase the volume of trade carried out within the scope of the Green Line Regulation, opening of a new crossing point in Haspolat to be used exclusively for economic and commercial activities that will also reduce the congestion at the Metehan crossing point, issues related to bank transactions and money transfers between the two sides, and a prefeasibility study to be conducted regarding the building of a solar plant as a mutually beneficial project. 
The development of relations between the European Union and the Turkish Cypriot Side was evaluated during the meeting. President Tatar stated that he expects the EU to give support on issues that are beneficial for both parties. President Tatar also asked Mr Nava not to be an instrument to the Greek Cypriot leadership's attempts to obstruct the Turkish Cypriot People in every field within the scope of their isolation policy.
President Tatar, who made a statement to TAK about his meeting, stated that he is continuing his contacts with all sectors and segments of society while continuing to defend the legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriot People.
Stating that he had an online meeting with European Commission's Director-General Mario Nava while his contacts were continuing in London, President Tatar said that he "conveyed the sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriot People".   
President Tatar pointed out that the opening of a crossing point in Haspolat exclusively for commercial activities will reduce the congestion in Metehan and also increase interaction of the two Peoples on both Sides and pave the way to developing economic and commercial relations.
Stressing that he conveyed the sensitivity of the Turkish Cypriot Side on the issue of hellim, President Tatar said: "It is important to continue the hellim process with the approval of our authorities."
President Tatar noted that he supports cooperation of both Sides on the basis of equality in different fields, including on natural resources, electricity interconnection to the EU grid via the Republic of Turkiye and the energy system in the Buffer Zone. 
President Tatar stated that after the completion of the Yiğitler-Pile road, steps can be taken regarding construction in the region with the consent of both sides.