President Ersin Tatar visits the UK Parliament

President Ersin Tatar participated in a session of the House of Lords and also met with MP’s and members of House of Lords.

The President, who visited the Parliament, also met with MP’s and members of the House of Lords, where he was able to explain the two State policy and the sovereign equality basis as a way forward to settling the Cyprus issue.

President Tatar explained the “injustices” faced by the Turkish Cypriot People for decades and invited the UK, as a Guarantor power, to treat the Turkish Cypriot People with equality. President Tatar said that it is important for the Turkish Cypriot People to have equal status, equal opportunity and equal treatment in Cyprus.

President Tatar, speaking in one of his meetings at the House of Lords, said: “The Turkish Cypriot People are one of the co-owners of the island of Cyprus and the unjust isolation on Turkish Cypriot People needs to be ended.”

President Tatar stated that the isolation issue is also having negative impacts on the 350,000 Turkish Cypriots living in the UK and the estimated 15,000 expats who have made the TRNC their home. He said it is unfair and unjust for Turkish Cypriot youth to face sports isolation that is preventing them from playing in important sports tournaments under their own identity.

Accompanying President Tatar were TRNC Representative to London Çimen Keskin and Special Representative of the President, M. Ergün Olgun.