President Ersin Tatar meets with Kyrgyz citizens who graduated from TRNC universities

President Ersin Tatar has met with Kyrgyz citizens who graduated from TRNC universities and returned to their country

President Ersin Tatar has paid tribute to Kyrgyz citizens who graduated from TRNC universities and returned to their country. 
The group of graduates, who attended the meeting at the TRNC Representative Office in Bishkek on Tuesday, stated that they were very happy to welcome President Tatar in Kyrgyzstan and shared their experiences and successes for  having studied in a higher education institution in the TRNC.  
Stating that there are currently 300 students of Kyrgyz origin studying in TRNC universities, the graduates said that after returning home following completion of their studies and the “positive experience” they had, they were instrumental in raising awareness of the TRNC,  the universities of the country, and the academic opportunities.
The group, who spoke about their love for the TRNC, its moderate climate, sandy beaches and the many ancient sites left from past civilisations,  conveyed their feelings about the country to the President, emphasising: “We carry Northern Cyprus in our hearts, and we see the country as our second home.”
Stating that “cultural proximity” is a great advantage for Kyrgyz students studying in the TRNC, the group expressed their desire to visit the country in the near future.
“You are our honorary ambassadors”
President Tatar thanked the group for sharing their experiences about the TRNC and their student life at universities in our country, and said: “You are our honorary ambassadors”.
The President stated that he was delighted to be staging a historical visit to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, and said he had met President Sadyr Japarov where discussions included increasing the number of students from Kyrgyzstan to study at TRNC universities.
Stating that the TRNC is an “island haven for education,” President Tatar said that the two countries are “close in cultural terms”, and added that “the number of Kyrgyz citizens residing in our country is increasing”.
Stating that more work should be done between the two countries in the fields of education and culture, President Tatar said that more than 20 commercial flights per week exists between the Republic of Türkiye and Kyrgyzstan.  “It is easy to travel from anywhere in Türkiye to the TRNC in a very short period of time,” President Tatar said.
President Tatar expressed his happiness that TRNC graduates are successful in their professional careers in their own country by making use of the knowledge and skills they acquired during their studies in the TRNC, and  wished the group success for the future.
The meeting was also attended by Mehmet Davulcu, the TRNC Representative to Bishkek.