President Ersin Tatar attends the commemoration ceremony held at the Boğaz Martyrs' Cemetery on the occasion of March 18 Martyrs' Day

“Turkish Cypriots supported the Çanakkale struggle and always stood by Anatolia.”


President Ersin Tatar commemorated the martyrs in his speech at the ceremony and said that the Çanakkale Victory, won thanks to the heroism of the Turkish nation, took its place in the glorious Turkish history.
President Tatar emphasised that the resistance continued in Cyprus at that time, that the Turkish Cypriot people also supported the Çanakkale struggle, and they always stood by Anatolia.
Stating that the Republic of Türkiye has also always stood by the Turkish Cypriot people, that the struggle in Cyprus continues today, and that the Turkish Cypriot people continue their independent path with a strong state, President Tatar commemorated all the martyrs who lost their lives on the path to independence.
President Tatar stated that it is not possible for the Turkish Cypriot people to sit at the negotiation table unless their independence, sovereign equality and international equal status are accepted, and "If there is an agreement, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus must be part of this agreement,” he added.

President Ersin Tatar wrote the following in the martyrdom book:

“You, our precious martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for their homeland. We are before you on the 109th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, in which the Turkish nation wrote an epic story against the invading armies and imperialist powers in a great and unprecedented struggle.
The Çanakkale Victory, which you won by sacrificing your lives, is one of the greatest indicators of the heroism of the Turkish nation. The Turkish nation will not give up its freedom and independence under any circumstances and conditions, and will never live in captivity. All these have formed the basis of our ability to make these lands our homeland.

If we live freely and sovereignly in these lands, under the roof of our own state and under the shadow of our flags, we owe all this to you, our dear martyrs.

Our greatest and most sacred duty is to protect the values you left us and to keep our state alive forever. We owe this to you.

Our dear martyrs, rest in peace. We have not forgotten you, we will never forget you, we will not let anyone forget about you. The country is grateful to you. May your soul rest in peace.”