President Ersin Tatar addresses the people

“Dear Citizens,

 In our struggle against COVID-19 for nearly a year, we have once again reached a stage where substantial action is required urgently.

As you no doubt remember, when serving as Prime Minister, I had taken an active role in the struggle against the pandemic which has been affecting the world and our country for over a year and I made important contributions to find solutions for the problems during this period.

With the support of our government, our healthcare professionals and our prudent people, we successfully overcame the first wave of the COVID-19 so as to attract the attention of the world. In the current process, new measures have been implemented with the decisions of our Council of Ministers.

 With our State and people acting in solidarity and in compliance with the measures taken against the second wave dangers all over the world, I wholeheartedly believe that we can achieve success once again.

 It is absolutely necessary to adhere to the measures put in place in order to protect our healthcare workers who are fighting on the front lines as well as all our people from this virus which does not discriminate people of any age.

If the measures taken are not adhered to, there will be unimaginable consequences not only to our lives, but also to our economy.

 I would also like to emphasize that as the President, I will monitor the health and economic measures taken by our government and I will offer every kind of support as is necessary.

I also want to mention that I am very pleased with the initial results of the vaccination process which started with 20,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine received from Motherland Turkey and 2,250 vaccine doses received from the EU following our efforts.

 In this new phase of our struggle against COVID-19, I ask all our people for steadfastness, common sense and social unity.

For all the COVID-19 patients, whether they are isolated in quarantine or in hospitals here or abroad, I wish them speedy recovery and to get well soon. For those who lost their lives, I wish to extend my condolences to their families and friends. God rest their souls and may God’s peace be upon them.

With conviction that we will overcome this crisis together, I leave you with my best wishes.”