Latest developments evaluated in a meeting at the Presidency

President Tatar: “I have full confidence in all institutions of our justice mechanisms."

Whilst investigations and the judicial process continue with regards to some incidents that allegedly took place at one of our universities, a meeting was held today at the Presidency, chaired by President Ersin Tatar, who is following these issues with great sensitivity.

Attending the meeting were President of the Supreme Court Narin Ferdi Şefik, Chief Public Prosecutor Sarper Altıncık, President of the Public Service Commission Ömer A. Köseoğlu and Presidential Undersecretary Okan Donangil.
Evaluations of the allegations and developments were made where President Tatar stated during the meeting that he was closely following the developments with regards to the allegations and the judicial process with great sensitivity.  The President also reiterated that he has full confidence in all institutions in the justice mechanism.