First Lady Sibel Tatar visits The Turkish Women's Philanthropic Association of England (TWPA)

“The Turkish Cypriots living abroad are great strength for us”


Within the frameworks of visits in the UK, First Lady Sibel Tatar met with the officials and members of The Turkish Women's Philanthropic Association of England (TWPA), a member of the British Cyprus Turkish Associations Council, upon invitation.
Sibel Tatar was welcomed by Chairman of TWPA Semahat Mustafa and other board members and attended the meeting held at the association’s local in Turnpike Lane Region.
In her speech, First Lady Sibel Tatar pointed out that President Ersin Tatar is closely interested in Turkish Cypriots living abroad adding that a Committee on Turkish Cypriots living abroad has been established under the roof of the Presidency and that various projects are being carried out.
First Lady Sibel Tatar said the following:
“Your presence is a source of strength for us. There are many Turkish Cypriots living abroad. The population of Turkish Cypriots living in the UK is estimated at around 300,000 and also this figure is thought to be in the 400,000’s or even more. It is necessary to be aware of this power. It is important to act together and become stronger. In this regard, evaluations were made in the Office of the Presidency. Unfortunately, scientific figures cannot be given for Turkish Cypriots living abroad.”
Pointing to the close relations of the Turkish Cypriots living in the UK, Sibel Tatar said, "Our people here (in the UK) get together with great effort to celebrate national days and keep our culture alive."
The Office of the Presidency aims at determining the population of Turkish Cypriots living abroad.
Sibel Tatar announced that after a long-term work under the roof of the Presidency, the initiative has been started to find out the number of people living abroad for the first time in history. Sibel Tatar announced that a website for the Turkish Cypriots living abroad ( launched within this week and noted that this website has been launched for the purpose of strengthening the ties of our people living abroad with the TRNC and helping them with any problems experienced.
Sibel Tatar stated that Turkish Cypriots living abroad can register with the form on this website and said, “We expect support from all associations, institutions and organizations on this issue.”
Sibel Tatar also stated that they aim to scientifically reveal the number of Turkish Cypriots living abroad with this site and added that access to a lot of necessary information is provided
on this web page. Sibel Tatar noted, “On the website, there is an easy access opportunity to other links where answers are provided about military service, registration procedures, residence, health and daily life issues and problems.”
Stating that they live in beautiful country despite the pandemic and wars have a negative impact on the TRNC, Sibel Tatar expressed hope that all problems come to an end soon and that many Turkish Cypriots living in the UK come to the TRNC this summer.

The Chairman of TWPA Semahat Mustafa and other officials thanked Sibel Tatar for visiting them and conveyed the problems of Turkish Cypriots living in England.