First Lady Sibel Tatar gives key messages at “2nd Summit of Women in Work”: Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs

First Lady Sibel Tatar: “Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs through their protection and promotion in this field shall open new doors to economic growth in our country.”


First Lady Sibel Tatar attended the “2nd Summit on Women in Business” organised by the Cyprus Turkish Entrepreneur Women's Association (GİKAD) in cooperation with the Union of Municipalities of Türkiye and the Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGİDER).

The event, which was held as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, was held at the Acapulco Resort hotel in Çatalköy.

Delivering a speech, First Lady Tatar expressed her pleasure at participating in the event “which has brought together female role models from all walks of business life which are an important inspiration and an example to us all”.   She paid tribute to women entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from different sectors who are producing in their own respective fields; who have become successful through vision, hard work and determination.

The First Lady expressed her gratitude to GİKAD Board of Directors and GİKAD President İçim Caginer Kavuklu who has been instrumental in providing support and “opening the way” to potential women entrepreneurs and helping them to succeed.

“We will continue our economic struggle”

Sibel Tatar stated that the business world is struggling with various problems due to the economic restrictions and the uncompromising policies of the Greek Cypriot Administration with regards to the Cyprus issue.  “We are continuing our struggle against this mentality which has existed since the 1960’s, that is aimed at interrupting our development,” Mrs Tatar stated.   “If we do not identify the fact that we have succeeded despite this extra ordinary situation being experienced by our country and economy, we would do ourselves a gross injustice with regards to appreciating all of our achievements.”

“Importance of self-sufficiency has been shown following disruptions in the supply chain due to the Russia-Ukraine war”
First Lady Sibel Tatar added: “There was a significant negative impact that strained our economy due to the worldwide pandemic.  Despite the mobilisation of our economic dynamics in the post-pandemic phase, there was further negative effects felt due to the Russia-Ukraine war. During this period, the importance of local production and self-sufficiency has been shown following the disruptions in the supply chain due to this war.”

Sibel Tatar emphasised the importance of producing locally and consuming domestic produce. She said energy is produced with the use of a closed-circuit system and that this method is a system that prevents the use of alternative energy acquisition.

The First Lady added that although the TRNC is a country with almost 11 months of sunshine, the country is unable to benefit from the effective use of solar energy.

Stating that the support of women's entrepreneurship has an important place in developed and developing economies today, Mrs Tatar underlined that the protection and encouragement of women's labour in the field of entrepreneurship opens new doors for economic growth and said that this is an approach that offers new understanding and perspectives.

“Strong female entrepreneurship will support the creation of a stronger social backbone”
Pointing to the importance of increasing the competitiveness of women entrepreneurs in the challenging conditions of the business world, Sibel Tatar added:

“Choosing our goals correctly and directing our energies in this direction will make a great contribution to us in two ways to ensure the success of women's entrepreneurship. First, we will be able to create a stronger economic structure by spreading the development of our country's economy to a wider base, and this will enable the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to better evaluate the opportunities in front of it.  Secondly, it will support a sustainable development movement by creating a stronger social backbone in the development of our social structure.”

Sibel Tatar: “We have implemented near to 10 Social Responsibility Projects under the auspices of the Presidency in the last two years.”
The First Lady also emphasised the importance of social responsibility projects and supporting civil group organisations. Referring to social responsibility projects she has been pioneering under the auspices of the Presidency, Mrs Tatar stated: “Social Responsibility projects are fundamentally important in highlighting issues and raising awareness on that issue. It also seeks to involve people of all ages and backgrounds for the benefit of all. I am a great believer in the benefits provided by civil organisations and the need to support them in the name of social entrepreneurship.”

Mrs Tatar explained that during her presidency of Bellapais Inner Wheel Association, in addition to the "Pioneering Turkish Women of Cyprus" project dedicated to our women who have left their mark on Turkish Cypriot history, smear tests are applied to women all over the TRNC that raises awareness about cervical cancer.   Mrs Tatar also commended another project – called "Wish Tree" – which she said has “realised the wishes of thousands of children”.

Mrs Tatar stated that she was passionate about pioneering social responsibility projects and touching the lives of people – for the benefit of our children and future generations.  She also referred to the Girne Beylerbeyi roundabout project where sculpture, light and landscape work was carried out.

Other social responsibility projects
First Lady Tatar stated that other social responsibility projects carried out under the auspices of the Presidency included the "Welcome Baby Forest", "Presidential Fidan [Sapling] Children's Choir and Orchestra", "North Cyprus Women's Organisations Network", "Happy Children's Parent Book",  "Happy Child Parent Talks", "Sweetwater Target Zero Waste Pilot Project" and the "Blankets and Shawls to Warm the Knees and Hearts" project, which includes the distribution of shawls and blankets handcrafted by our women who answered their calls to those living at the Lapta Nursing Home, Kalkanlı Yaşam Home and Bülent Ecevit Rehabilitation Centre.

“We have managed to introduce, promote and carry out all of these projects and implement them in the last two years,” Mrs Tatar said.