Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (UK) and lobby group representatives hold online meeting with President Ersin Tatar


 President Ersin Tatar held an online meeting with lobby group representatives of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (CTCA) UK where discussions were held on the problems and concerns of the Turkish Cypriot diaspora and lobbying issues.
A presentation was done by the participants about the events that took place and the contemplated plans to take further action after the Waltham Forest Council Leader Ms Grace Williams instructed the flag of TRNC to be taken down, which outraged the Turkish Cypriots living in London who consider the flag as representing the very identity of Turkish Cypriots who  believe this to be a racist act.
President Tatar said he attributed great importance to  TRNC-nationals residing abroad to be able to vote in elections held in the TRNC under certain conditions. He stated that voting in their homeland is a normal practice by nationals of other countries wherever they live and said it is necessary for legal amendments to be made in TRNC before this can be started in our homeland too.

President Tatar said he has been  “impressed” with the work of the lobby groups in voicing the injustices faced by Turkish Cypriot people – who are unable to trade and travel directly between the TRNC and the UK.

UK based civil group representatives also stated that they planned a protest to the British authorities over the Queens Baton Relay - which was brought to South Cyprus last year and the exclusion of Turkish Cypriots who are co-owners of the island.  
The President also voiced support to work being carried out in the UK to pay tribute to Turkish Cypriot hero Birkan Uzun who died following a tragic skiing accident in the USA, and who was buried in Lefkoşa on Monday.  It was stated that the plans include climbing the highest summits in the UK and flying the TRNC flag.

President Tatar said: “I commend your work to keep the name Birkan Uzun and his legacy alive in the UK. As Turkish Cypriots in the TRNC and abroad we are in deep pain over this sad loss.”
President Tatar also said he agreed on the need to have a “community centre” for Turkish Cypriots living in the UK and said this would be discussed with the appropriate  officials and authorities.

President Tatar added: “I commend and thank you all for supporting our new two States policy, because we are an independent people with rights to self-determinate our own future. London is a major city where world political policies are developed and your presence there and being our voice is very important.

“It is important to explain to all foreign actors the reasons why a federal based settlement has failed, the continuous refusals and rejections by the Greek Cypriot side of equality based power sharing partnership proposals and plans, and why we have, with the full backing of Turkey, adopted a new vision and policy for a two State settlement that is based on the sovereign equality of the two sides. This is the way to securing sustainable peace and stability in Cyprus,” the President said.

Taking part in the virtual event was CTCA President Ayşe Osman, Leyla Kemal, Ersu Ekrem, Çetin Ramadan, Munir Tatar, Gönül Daniels, Eren Ramadan, Halil İzzet and Mustafa Sağanak.

From the Presidency accompanying the President were Special Advisor on International Relations and Diplomacy Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Işıksal and Foreign Press Officer Kerem Haser.